About Derrick


Derrick Zuber is an accomplished musician and singer from Toronto Canada, although he now resides in Oshawa, 40 minutes outside the city. He has played guitar for such artists as Juno nominee Blaise Pascal, Jason Grills and Marion Drexler in addition to his solo career since 2003.

His influences are diverse, including country, rock, pop and blues. Derrick's eclectic style presents itself in the studio on both his vocals and his use of guitar, bass, mandolin and banjo. His unique style utilizes both traditional and less traditional instrument pairings and progressions.

Derrick Zuber's first album, Like A Song, illustrates catchy, lyrical vocals that pull you into the songs. The songs have a country flare, and tell you a story that is familiar to anyone who has ever been in love, whether they kept it or lost it.

Road Less Travelled, Derrick's second studio release picks up where Like A Song leaves off. It's catchy, roots based and adds a breadth to Derrick's music that time and life experience brings

Both albums were recorded at Haggarty Sound Studio in Peterborough Ontario and were co-produced by Derrick and veteran engineer Barry Haggarty.

Derrick  performs regularly around Southern Ontario and can be seen at various festivals, restaurants, bars, resorts, theatres, churches and private functions.

He is currently working on his third studio release to be completed in 2020.